Sunday, December 11, 2016

If you can't answer the question, make up a question you can.

Jesus, Priebus just thoroughly beclowned himself on MTP. I haven't seen a horror show like that since Pelosi got shoved in front of the cameras to take a stammering fall for the farcical Obamacare rollout.

Here's video:

I don't even like Priebus and I felt kinda bad for him, there.

On a side note, that's two RNC chairs in a row that you watch on TV and think "How did this midwit paper-shuffler wind up with the chairmanship of one of the nation's two major political parties? This guy doesn't have the suave command presence of the night shift assistant manager of the grocery store I worked at in high school."

I don't know exactly how the party's inner workings function, but I do know that most organizations favor the ability to rules-lawyer over any other form of competence, and it would not surprise me if both Priebus and Steele were excellent rules lawyers. Steele also seems a gregarious and likable sort, at least superficially, and those guys tend to do well until they Peter Principle themselves, which he clearly did.

Incidentally, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I think every adult ought to spend some time in a parliamentary-type body, on a board, or some other similar situation. Get involved in your neighborhood organization or the board of your local gun club or something like that for a year or two. I think this is especially valuable for the more anarcho-aspie among us.