Wednesday, December 07, 2016

From conversation elsewhere, an observation...

"The percentage of people doing special snowflake Open Carry march RKBA cosplay who sport special snowflake "Look how different & unique I am!" guns is telling.

 I pity the unit armorers for the 165th Mom's Basement Ranger Battalion; keeping all those Tavor and Kel-Tec and aftermarket Mosin replacement parts in stock come the revolution is going to be a bitch."
Yeah, I'm feeling more than just a little catty this morning.

I'm sore and grumpy from my walk. I need to look into some nice, cushion-y specialized walking shoes if I'm going to be pounding out my walks on pavement. Keep the shin with the steel in it from hurting so much. Spread the wear from my fave pair of wintertime Asolos, too.