Sunday, December 04, 2016

Deuce Deuce

Dropped in at Indy Arms Saturday about lunchtime to pop off some more .22LR Remington Golden Bullets through the Ruger Mk.IV.

It was as boringly reliable as you'd expect a rimfire Ruger autoloader to be. This is probably the most popular and successful line of .22 self-loaders, and for good reason.

This example had screws that wanted to back out securing the front and rear sights. We Loctited the front one at Blogorado and it held. I tightened the rear set screw yesterday before heading to the range, but by the time I'd fired off a hundred rounds of ammunition, the rear sight assembly was drifting in its channel again and could be slid back to center with thumb and forefinger alone. Time for Loctite there, too.

This makes 900 total rounds through the gun with one failure to eject (#714).