Thursday, December 01, 2016

Yesterday at the range...

I took the Robar G17 to Indy Arms Company yesterday, along with the Glock 37, which I hadn't fired in a while.

The G17 has crossed the 3,000 round mark here, recently (3,091 to be specific), much of which has been with the Overwatch Precision TAC trigger and the last 500 rounds were using the ETS magazines. I'm about at the point where I'm comfortable with both the trigger and the mags now.

Both guns have Ameriglo CAP sights on them. I need to drift the 17's rear sight slightly to the right; it's visibly off-center.

The Glock 37 and I get along amazingly well. The logbook says that yesterday marks 2230 rounds through the gun. I love shooting the thing and it obviously likes me, too. If I had a holster for it, I'd likely put a Gadget on it and carry the thing, RCS Freya magwell and all.