Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tuesday morning at the range...

So, like I wrote in the previous post, I decided to bring the Sistema along to the range on a lark. I had work to do putting rounds through the Mk.IV, and I figured why not see if the Sistema would run? So I grabbed a couple 1911 magazines from my Box o' 1911 Stuff...

...and forgot them on the kitchen counter.

When I got to Indy Arms Co., I asked if I could borrow the magazine from the rental 1911.

It turned out to be a tired factory Metalform whose feed lips were so badly spread that if more than five rounds were loaded, you couldn't get it into the Sistema's magwell.

Still, it managed to fire ten rounds without any malfunctions, even with the godawful mag. ("You guys need to pull a 47D off the shelf for that rental gun, dudes; this thing's shot," I informed them on returning it.)

I need to get some sights on that gun and Cerakote it.

The Loctite has cured the sight screw problems on the Mark IV, and there were no issues in the hundred rounds of mixed .22LR I fired yesterday.

The gun now has 1,100 rounds through it with one failure to eject (#714).