Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alert the Irony Police.

The back is feeling better; only a little stiff and sore as opposed to immobile like it was yesterday. I'm still moving gingerly and doing a lot more bending at the knees than the waist, however. I still need to be productive while waiting for the Brunt Brothers to show up and offload the truck, though, so...

I got the Tower of Power that is VFTP Command Central all cleaned off and up'n'running. I figured I'd get all proactive and set up the wireless router while I was at it. Only I've been using Cable-propelled intarw3bz these last few years and the new crib is all DSL. I'm hesitant, and that makes me want to wait 'till RobertaX gets home in case some help desk drone at the Service Provider needs to speak with someone named "RobertaX" when/if the connection gets hosed.

The irony part? My big thick three ring binder of helpful destructions from my brief stint as a DSL call center help desk drone is sitting in a trash can two states away, where I tossed it on Friday after thinking "Well, I won't be needing this ever again..."

"Thank you for calling BellSouth Fast Access DSL! My name is Tamara and I won't be helping you today since I binned my instructions because I am a moron!"


The Raving Prophet said...

Eh, DSL has come a long way. Years ago I set one up, and it was like pulling teeth. Then a bit over a year ago we got it in the office, and it is pretty seamless; any faults get blamed on the crappy router.

A few months back I went from cable internet to DSL at home. Once I got the PPPoE logon set in the right place (the modem, I think), it is just as easy to use as cable internet. No need to fear, there, Tam.

Brian J. said...

I won't say it.

However, if you need to install a Gravis sound card in your 286, feel free to ask, because I've got all my documentation yet, including manuals I wrote a decade ago for applications running on NT.

Because I have an NT disk around here still, somewhere, too.

Anonymous said...

You never really need something until you throw it away.
Good luck in the new digs.

Andy Ford

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're feeling better. Good luck in your new home. Jim B