Sunday, February 24, 2008

An important public service announcement:

Mark Alger would like to remind you that when Hills goes after the money of those eeeevil big corporations, those eeeevil big corporations are going to need to get it from someplace. See, they can't just print their own money on flimsy IOU's, like a certain other large organization can.


Anonymous said...

Someplace? As in....that billfold in my back pocket??

Actually, they will likely do it in payroll taxes of some sort so that we never see it.
What is that quaint turn of phrase? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"? Yeah, but of course I won't be the one deciding which is which.

Anonymous said...

I've explained to several people that corporations don't pay taxes, they turn it in with one hand and replace it with the other. One lady asked "What if they sell things?",as in a retail business, and I said "Same thing" and the look on her face was as if a hidden door had opened and spilled golden light at her feet. My work there was pretty much done for that day.

Divemedic said...

The same is true for raising the minimum wage- which is just another way to redistribute wealth.

Why stop at a minimum wage of $8 an hour? Let's just make it $100 an hour. Then we will all be rich!!!

Anonymous said...

Ritchie, I know people who cannot comprehend that the taxes aren't [really] paid by the big, evil corporations. That the tax just passes through to the consumer. Nope, they're convinced that big oil, drug and insurance companies are somehow going to pay the taxes out of their own pockets. Want to guess which political party they're always from? OldeForce

Anonymous said...

You all don't believe in "the people" enough. It should be $1 billion per hour.

Then, we'll all be really rich!