Sunday, February 10, 2008

Overheard at a restaurant...

At the local Texas Roadhouse:

Me: "Jeez, could they please shut that child up?"

Gunsmith Bob: "Look around you. There are animal heads on the wall. They're playing country music. Is the screaming kid destroying the ambiance for you or something?"

(Incidentally, I'd never had subprime rib before. Tam does not recommend.)


Mattexian said...

I'm an uncouth heathen, I like their Roadkill steak (chopped steak). And I agree with the Gunsmith, if you can hear a noisy brat over everything else in there, you've got better noise filters than I do.

Tam said...

I've had decent food there before, but the last two times have really put me off on the joint.

This time around the prime rib was dry, and excessively flavored with what tasted like a combination of Liquid Smoke and soy. Imagine a really thick piece of hickory/Teriyaki beef jerky. I have never before left half of a 10oz. piece of prime rib sitting on my plate. :(

NotClauswitz said...

We have a paint-peeling screecher that lives across the fence-line. Sometimes I yell out the window, "Do you need an ambulance?!!?" and other times I just shout, "Hey shut-up!" It's the least I can do.
If they do it in a Restaurant I ask to find another table, or we leave. I figure the parents are 'tarded and incapable of anything beyond their own self-indulgent ID that the kid represents.

NotClauswitz said...

ID as in the Id/Ego/Superego calculus.

Rabbit said...

I've begrudgingly eated at their restaurants in the past- always at the insistence of others in my party. We have several choice names for it- among them Texas Roadhorse, to denote the cust of meat, and Texas Road Whores, to comment upon the service.

The heavily shellacked wood planking and bare concrete floor doesn't help the acoustics any.

Saltgrass tends to have better beef, if you're looking for a mass-market steak.


phlegmfatale said...

When I was in real estate school I was working 5 days a week and in class from 8am-6:30pm every saturday and sunday. One Saturday in the middle of the session, I actually had the day off, and hied me to a tony Japanese restaurant for a nice money-no-object lunch. I was shown to my seat and ordered a Sapporo. Suddenly, behind me, an infant started squalling, and the mother sat there, not removing it from the room, not doing anything. I dropped a $10 on the table and went elsewhere without so much as a sip of my beer. I can't read with all that intercoursing racket going on.

Um, speaking of less-than-usual cuts of beef, I have of late become quite enamoured of bottom sirloin (who KNEW?) as served at Texas de Brazil (churrascaria). Glorious stuff, even it's not quite bloody as I'd prefer. Never heard of it before. Will make note to avoid the subprime steak, though.

Anonymous said...

As a Texan it galls me that this chain can use the name Texas when they are headquartered in Kentucky.

6040 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 400
Louisville, KY 40205

jeff said...

Not a fan of Texas Roadhouse, but Texana in Nashville is pretty damned good in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

PF: "Um, speaking of less-than-usual cuts of beef, I have of late become quite enamoured of bottom sirloin (who KNEW?) as served at Texas de Brazil (churrascaria). Glorious stuff, even it's not quite bloody as I'd prefer. Never heard of it before."

Bottom sirloin tip is one of my favorite cuts of beef. The trick is finding them with enough fat left on for grilling, usually they're trimmed as a roast.

Anonymous said...

I dislike screaming rug rats at the best of times but when you are trying to enjoy your meal its the pits lucky me im deaf in my left ear and can turn my right side hearing aid off giving me close to silence i like it when the owner asks the parents to leave as their brat is upseting the other customers.

Anonymous said...

If you want good beef from a place that has Texas in its name, come to Houston and hit:

Taste of Texas:

You would appreciate the gun collection on the walls. Most are quite historic. They had a Walker up for a long time and it disappeared or was moved. It is now listed as a replica. They do have a bunch of historic Texas history. Look at the artifacts link.

Oh, and I have never heard a screaming kid there.

Last comment. Get there very early. One to 2 hour waits are common most weekends.

Anonymous said...

I have been "forced" to eat at the Texas whorehouse, like Rabbit, and could only take pleasure in eating the peanuts. Bad meat and worse service. Took me till halfway though the meal to get a beer. I will only ever go again if I have nothing better to do and it is free.

Anonymous said...

We never bother with prime when we're doing a rib roast, and it's invariably delicious.

It's not the cut, it's how you treat it. You can completely destroy the best cuts of beef around if you're ham-fisted about it, and you can get a meal you'll remember fondly for years out of cuts traditionally associated with dog food.

perlhaqr said...

So, I take it this means there's a market for a "12 years old and up only--and we'll kick you out if your Tween can't behave either" restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Well, after reading all the comments here I guess I don't have to worry about trying the Texas Roadhouse that opened up down the road from where I work... in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS. (I think that they got lost...).

The 5 & Diner up the block is worth the trip, though.

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