Friday, February 08, 2008

"They were both poisoned..."

"I used to write about politics all the time. That was back when I thought my “side” could win.” I still keep up with the issues, but I’ve come to the same realization that Jayman has - America does not want what I want out of government. America loves big government." -Kit on voting.


NotClauswitz said...

IMO they're poisonous more than just being poisoned - they're all the Platypus Party, an unlovely creature with a hidden barb, built by The Central Committee from scraps on the floor after a food-fight.
As long as I've been voting my vote has been a protest vote.

Anonymous said...

I don't like big government. We've been lied to by every politician it seems.

I am a conservative and I would go for someone like Ron Paul in a NY minute if I knew the conservative population would be there.

I'd go so far as to join a "dump the incums" if the population were to swing that way.

staghounds said...

Good luck with all t hat. I'm old enough to remember how exciting it was when Republicans finally took control of congress. And then they turned into Democrats.

There's a saying that people get the government they deserve, but that's nonsense. Here we have the government we actively select. We don't have to have this gang, any more than we have to know about Britney Hilton. It's what we want- security, order, and amusement. Learning and thinking and asking questions, that's too haaaaaard...

Here's an interesting piece on how by any objective measure, we're a European socialist country.


Except for the fact that we have the Navy abroad and fifty million houses with guns in them at home, we ARE France.

Just two issues left, guns at home and military power abroad. Still a choice there.