Sunday, February 24, 2008


Still looking for the camera with the pictures required for Sunday Smithery to occur.

UPDATE: Found it! God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. They weren't kidding when they said this 'moving' thing was stressful. I had never moved on this scale before: When I moved in with my Ex in Atlanta back in 1/93, everything I owned fit into a two-door Ford Granada. When I moved to K-town in 11/00, it took one trip each with an '84 Trans Am, a rented Impala, and my Ex's Dakota. This is the first time I'd ever had to move this much stuff (and I blew the furniture in place, saving only a few folding tables and desks). I hope RobertaX doesn't mind me never, ever moving again, because I ain't doing it.


Anonymous said...

My last move was only a few miles. I prepared for it by renting a storage unit near my new place and moving a car load everyday. When I got the deed, I called out the troops and moved everything from the storage unit to the garage in one short day. Still, everything I owned fit either in a rented bedroom or the 8x12 unit.

Since the next move will likely be quite a bit more distant, I'm planning to only take an armload of real actual books. Everything else, I better be able to grep it or it's going up for sale.

Photo albums are ready, the music library is ready, but those book, I've got far too many dead trees.


Roberta X said...

We're all different. I've goota have books, real ones I can hold in my hands.

When I moved, it took months. Library, electronics shop, tiny machine shop, woodworking stuff, some moveable type, guns, cats, telegraph key collection, weird old tube-type amateur radio gear, MGB, motorscooter, yaddayaddayadda. I sure hope Tam doesn't mind me not moving, either.

Roberta X said...

Er, "Gouda." No, wait, "gotta." Yeah, that.

Unknown said...

My sympathy for your plight is slightly tempered by the memories of our December move with a loaded-to-the-roof 27-foot U-Haul P.O.S. and attached car.

The best part (where "best"="less fun than a vasectomy with rusty pliers and no medications") was when I got the Beast stuck on our driveway, and we had to haul half the contents of the 27-footer literally uphill, and literally in the snow.


breda said...

We're never moving again either. All those books!

Anonymous said...

I went through an abortive move, where I got all packed and at the very last second, and with no warning, the move was cancelled.
(Don't ask.)

I swear it took 2 years to everything resituated. TRaumatized doesn't begin to describe the mental state. And the "great wall of bankers boxes of books" was pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like books, real actual books you can hold and turn pages and use during a power outage, it's just that when the printed word exceeds 51% of the mass of all the things you own less vehicles and real property, you start to think.

You would think grep would be the killer app of the ebook, but perhaps it comes down to having an adequate ebook reader.

I have a few boat anchors but no machine tools yet (Though those mini-lathes and mills are awfully tempting)


Anonymous said...

I too feel the pain. It's been 4yrs since I moved from NJ to CT, and I still have enough stuff stored at my parent's house there to fill a U-haul truck. Just no room to put it all here in the condo my wife already had here in CT when we got married. We've spent the last year packing and moving stuff into a storage unit, and are still nowhere CLOSE to being ready to even THINK about moving yet. It is nice to say though that the mass amounts of books, bikes, boats and boomsticks are all shared resources. The ham radio stuff is all mine though.

Tam said...


I've long said that a truly happy marriage should be the merger of two gun collections. :)

Anonymous said...

Our last move was in the dead of New Mexico summer from one un-air-conditioned house to another un-air-conditioned house. Being of the category generally marked "young and strapping," I would prefer to avoid any repeats of the performance.

The only way we're leaving this place is at gunpoint or in favor of >200 acres in Piss Off, MT/ID/WY. We won't even leave for zombies. It's too defensible and there's a half decent built in food supply.

Turk Turon said...


Guns and ham radio? Welcome, brother!
No call letters, please, 'cause of And no "secret messages" in Morse, either: there's at least one Extra and one Advanced hereabouts.


Anonymous said...

It seems I always have moved from one upstairs apartment to 44, I am gonna hire it out from now on, my back isn't up to it anymore....

Anonymous said...

"tiny machine shop"?

Roberta, tell us more. :)

And I live in dread of moving my Knee mill out of the basement. I'm planning a move in the near future, but that 1200lbs of Cast Iron in the basement is going to be the big headache..

I WISH I only had books and guns to move. :)

Roberta X said...

HTRN, it's spelt "Unimat." Plus a Dremel and a whole lotta files. And a good sqare and some rules. :)

Anonymous said...

If you want to get rid of your stuff and reduce the problem for the next move, have a child.

My stuff gets thrown out. The child's stuff moves in.

Fortunately children's stuff is light, like toys, clothes etc. My stuff is heavy, like books, tools, glasses.

Over time I have been whittled down to one closet, one bookshelf, the reloading and shooting room and the workbench in the garage.

Oh, yeah, when you move. Make sure it is a company paid relocation. So much easier to stand at the door and tell the crew to pack it nicely and put it over there.

Turk Turon said...

Twas ever thus! By the time my son was a year old, I had been relegated to one shelf and one drawer.