Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Sunday Smith is up at the other place. I had a lot of fun writing this one; I hope it's informative.


Curtis Lowe said...


Very informative indeed. Neat concept, and as I stated at the other place: Want.

Thanks for the write-up.

perlhaqr said...

Hey, speaking of S&W, CDNN has model 65s on sale right now. 4" SS .357 for $279, hand select for $20 more.

Of course, me telling you this might be like telling $someone_famous about $something_obvious. (Sorry, I failed my analogy roll.)

Anonymous said...

Tam, thanks once again for the 296 in .44 Special you pointed me to, to go along with my 696. Yes, it is a strange looking item, but it gets some great comments. And it's a lot easier to carry everyday than the 696 [which is about 38oz empty].
Good point on bullet weights. Had a S&W .45 revolver, shooting cheap reloads. I'd read the S&W booklet, which included your warning, so I never loaded more than 4 rounds [of 5] when shooting cheap ammo. One day the 4th round had "walked" 1/4 inch out of the case. Took it to a couple of gun shops I stop out and none of the staff had ever heard of this. Always, always read the book of instructions, no matter how much you think you know. OldeForce

Eric said...

Thanks, Tam! Glad to see the Sunday Smith back on schedule after the move.