Thursday, February 14, 2008

Desk jetsam.

The stuff you find when you're packing...

  • I had no idea I still had so many games on 5.25" floppies.
  • Wow. Critical Path. Did FMV games suck hard, or what?
  • Look, Paul: Outpost!
  • 250 rounds of .38 Super, including an unopened bag of Georgia Arms 147gr Gold Dots.
  • Meticulous repair records for my '84 Trans Am. Which I sold seven years ago.
  • An Apple Personal Modem. 1200 baud, all at once.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how long did it take to find a positive review of Outpost?

Matt G said...

I've spent a LOT of time on a 1200 baud, but never with an Apple Personal Modem. I can understand the .38 Super (in 147g Gold Dot? Keen!) a whole lot easier than I can understand that dinosaur, on a desk moved into its current position less than 10 years ago.

Brian J. said...

So, you packed it, right? None of that "throw it out" or "get rid of it" business, right?

Because that stuff is your stuff.

Tam said...

I tossed the receipts for the Pontiac. What do you think I am? A packrat?

Paul said...

*steam billows from Paul's ears*

Actually, I thought about Outpost 2 the other day. Such incredible promise. Such horrific execution.

Maybe I should finally find and play Alpha Centauri to get the space colony management bug out of my system, once and for all.

And since I haven't commented on your move yet: If there was a state I could be happy to live all my life and die in other than Tennessee, it would be Indiana. Good for you.

I don't envy the logistics of the move, though: what is it, a car, two cats, and two bikes?

Zendo Deb said...

Do you remember how happy you were when 1200 baud was new? Beat the stuffing out of 300 baud.

Owen said...

I liked Outpost!

Alpha Centauri is a good game. I almost got fired from a job for playing it afterhours, cuz the 2nd shift supervisor didn't realize I was a first shift guy.

tam, i'm sure I'll run into you at the indy1500: I'm moving to Bloomington in a few weeks to work for Crane :-)

Turk Turon said...

.38 Super is fantastic! I fired a couple yesterday for the first time. I have got to get me one of these! The muzzle flash does light up the sights so nicely. Shoot at seven feet and you may ignite the target. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Use the flames as a competition timer: try to empty the magazine before the target is completely consumed by the flames.