Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overheard around the house...

Me: "Maybe I'll vote for Frank Zappa."

RobertaX: "Um, I'm pretty sure he's dead."

Me: "Yup."

RobertaX: "Was he frozen, buried, or cremated? 'Cause if we could reanimate him, maybe I'd vote for him too."

Me: "I think for that job I'd prefer him to stay dead. Dead guys are less likely to do something to disillusion me."


staghounds said...

Coolidge '12!!

Tam said...

I need to do a run of "Calvin Coolidge is my President" bumper stickers.

Carteach said...

I'm going to write in 'Dogbert'.

Same effect.

Anonymous said...

Frank was a horrible liberal, in many ways- and militantly atheist.

However, I would also vote for him, if he changed the national anthem to "Moving to Montana". Not forever, just for a couple days a year.

PresterSean said...

I think I'm gonna like the new "Overheard...." posts!

(Word Veri-rirphmb; n, prescribed for after voting in the primary)

Turk Turon said...

Wasn't Frank Zappa's body shot into space? When I die, I want to be shot into cyberspace, so I can keep reading blogs.

Hey, put me down for one of those Coolidge bumber stickers.

Rabbit said...

I interviewd him for my college radio station in '78. We spoke one-on-one for about 3 hours. He was a horrible mysogynist. Interesting guy, but a piss-poor human being. I liked most of his music, though.


Matt G said...

I bought a Frank Zappa For President bumber sticker in 1991. I never put it on anything, though.

The more I look at Coolidge, the more I like him.

Then, too, it's hard to fault Harrison, whose only official act while in the White House was to call Congress to a special session. (I.E.: "Get to work!)

Anonymous said...

Coolidge heck, I need to get some buggy stickers printed up:
"Thomas Jefferson is my president"

Now that is one man who I would be willing to reanimate to stick in the Oval Office.

Sigivald said...

What og said, except maybe the voting for him at all part.

Frank make good tunes, but his politics were reflexively leftist, and whenever I've heard any details of them, cringeworthily puerile.

Anonymous said...

I have often said that William Henry Harrison was the best president we ever had--gave his inauguration speech in a freezing rain, caught pneumonia, and died 31 days later. Never had a chance to do any real damage.