Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today In History: President-Select.

You know why the whiners of Election '00 never impressed me? Because they'd obviously slept through American History 101, else they'd have known about a real "President-Select".

On this date in 1825, The House of Representatives did its Constitutional duty and stiffed bumptious populist Andy Jackson in favor of Boston establishment politician, J.Q. Adams.


Roberta X said...

And Jacksonianism (after his furious return engagement) begat...The Democrat Party.

Dour ol' Adams the younger looks better and better all the time.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson....... typical Demoncrat..... ran on "State's Rights" and standin' up for the little guy. Gets into office by developing a cult of personality and starts actin' like a Banana Republic Dictator (before there even was such a thing!), closing ports of States he is in disagreement with (was this the first abuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause?)...... There IS nothing new under the sun....