Friday, February 08, 2008

And then there were two...

...or two and a half, as the case may be.

With Mitt Romney taking his ball and going home we're left with the Manchurian Candidate and what's left of Huckabee's campaign, plus Ron Paul, who is stubbornly clinging to Rosinante's saddle. McCain is desperately trying to convince everyone that he is really a conservative, and that while he may have kissed the Kerry campaign back in '04, he didn't actually slip it any tongue. The Huck is hoping that everyone is paying more attention to his support of the Fair Tax than they are to the fact that he'd use those fair taxes to send illegal aliens to school on the taxpayer's dime.

It's a sad day when I find myself muttering "Remember when the GOP had real candidates, like Bob Dole?"


Anonymous said...

Bob Dole a viable candidate,
please give me a break. His "campaign" against Klinton was the most feeble, limp-wristed event in politics I have ever witnessed.
And, he spent the election eve in none other than CottonEyed Hoe on Lovell Rd. What was that all about?

Tam said...

You missed my point.

Bob Dole was the weakest candidate the GOP had run since Ford. A lame fossil who got the nomination in lieu of a gold watch.

But compared to the midgets we've been left with in '08?

Compared to Huck, Dole was Reagan.

And if you want to see a weak campaign, watch the stomping that either of the Dem front runners will hand McCain.

Anonymous said...

After careful consideration and watching the cpac convention I can almost certainly say that this race might be between Huckabee and Paul or McCain and Paul. McCain is really not conservative and his pandering to the liberals doesn't make him able to reach a consensus on both sides of the aisles, it makes him a flip flopper who lacks integrity.

Ken said...

You said it, Tam. I'd have voted Republican in 1996 if the GOP had nominated Jack Kemp instead of Dole (and I was still a Democrat in those days).

Anonymous said...

And what if Dr. Paul got the kind of media converage that the other candidates do??? What then? The status quo is scared and it shows. Yesterday, CNN showed McCain and Romney's speeches at CPAC. You know who else spoke there yesterday??? Thats right, RON PAUL! But if you watched tv news (like you apparently do) you would have never known it. CNN AND Fox News completely ignored that Dr. Paul spoke there yesterday and did not show a minute of his speech. I watched the entire speech on youtube yesterday and it was powerful! So powerful in fact that it can change the way you vote just by watching it. Now that I think about it, it makes sense that the tv news wouldn't mention that he spoke there, otherwise it would take votes away from the media's candidate (Obama/Mccain). The tv news media is a joke. Get out, do your OWN research and think for yourself people....stop being lazy.

Tam said...

It doesn't matter, feydakin.

Get it through your head: Nobody is buying what he's selling.

People want "free" stuff, like a "free" education and "free" health care. They don't listen when you tell them that the money's coming out of their pockets anyway. As far as they're concerned, if they get a refund on 4/16, they didn't even pay taxes; they "got money back".

They want to tell their neighbors who to marry and what to eat and what to smoke.

They'll line up for rectal probes and retinal scans and internal passports if it will make Nu-Perfect America safer.

It wouldn't matter if every media outlet covered nothing but Ron Paul reading from the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights 24/7; people would beg for a law to be passed shutting him up and putting Lost back on the air.

Anonymous said...

Romney "suspended" his campaign, I think, to allow McCain to take center stage so the Clinton machine can torpedo him. If they actually do have good dirt on him from Vietnam he'll be ruined just in time for Romney to revive his campaign.

Tam said...

Great. So we can vote for the RINO from MA instead of the RINO from AZ?

Forgive me for not being transported into pants-wetting flights of bliss...