Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's all so clear now...

Remember yesterday's YouTube crazy? Here's his less wacky friend:

McCain's trouble on the right reminds one of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here you have someone at odds with members of his own party who are eager to school him on how to be a real conservative -- on guns, gays, health care, immigration, abortion, and other issues where Schwarzenegger is too liberal for their taste.

And California Republicans have plenty of time to teach class because many don't have jobs. They've been voted out of office. And when they run for new offices, they get wiped out.

Apparently I'm out of touch with my country and should vote Democrat. Well, I would, but Sam Nunn isn't running this year...


Roberta X said...

If things shake out the way they are looking, I'd say a vote for either one of the two main parties is "voting Democrat." And it's heartbreaking.

Reno Sepulveda said...

It's hard to argue with my old homeboy Ruben's logic. I admit it stinks in the grand scheme of things, but conservatives have been pretty effectively marginalized since 2006. Shwartzeneggar, McCain that's the new model. Pay lip service to Reagan, service the Democrats and maybe they'll say nice things about you on MSNBC.

Maybe it's time we should make some grand tragic gesture like that guy Leonides we're always going on about. Nothing violent of course, but you know just sit out the election and watch over the next 16 years how our courage and commitment to principle inspire and awaken the country.

Yeah...and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Tam said...

So, you're saying I should embrace my inner liberal? Get a little progressive? Maybe a bit of class warfare, a dash of free health care, and some .gov control of the economy is a good thing?

theirritablearchitect said...


Yes, heartbreaking, or for me anyway, nauseating.

I took a look at just a few of the comments left for that article and just about hurled. This country is truly damned, and it's obvious from the very apparent lack of reading comprehension on the part of the Hill-bama felating crowd over there.

The whole bit by Ruben Navarrette was nothing short of a hit piece on how much the Republicans suck (he's correct, unfortunately) but you'd never know it from reading those comments. One in particular thought the supposed "draw" that Obama and Shrillary are currently engaged in was, "wishful thinking of a conservative who realizes how much trouble his party is in," when it's plenty plain to see which party the article's author is pining for.

There's no hope for a country whose populace is this stupid.

Anonymous said...

More nuttery from the collective schitzo case that is the PRK: The home of Tax Revolts and bleeding heart unfunded mandates.

I'd like to just ignore them, but it's just to big to ignore. "As goes California, so goes the Nation." is what we are told ad fininitum, and if it gets said loud and often enough, folk will believe it.

The problem I have with Kalifornia Republicans (well, Californians wealthy enough to flee, anyway- I don't KNOW that they are Republicans, as there is so little difference between a Kali(R)and a Democrat that it's hard to tell)today is that they won't STAY IN CALIFORNIA. Having screwed up their home state so bad that it is unlivable, they come HERE and set about making it more like "home". They are like Mexicans, but with papers, and more money.

Ken said...

Nor Zell Miller, nor Scoop Jackson (nor, for that matter, Andrew Jackson).

NotClauswitz said...

What a load of steaming crap. The most significant thing he conveniently fails to mention in the hit-piece is that California has become a one-party state, after the consolidating election-cycles that following the Great Democrat Gerrymandering.
The politicians get to choose their voters, and the Democrats choose who those politicians are from the magesterial heights of the Central Committee. Almost everything Arnie tried to do was blocked, even when he tried to make conciliatory gestures and do the bipartisanship hula. He ended up re-hiring most of the former Governor's staff who WE had re-called for incompetence, just to keep his ship off the rocks - staff who were nowhere near being any sort of Conservatives. Then in order to leave some kind of political "legacy" he rolled over fully, signed the .50 BMG ban, signed the Microstamping ban, and signed the Lead Ammo ban - which is effective anywhere somebody even had a ~dream~ about a freakin' Condor - and which has resulted in Fish & Game announcing the .22LR ban since those are all exposed-lead bullets. You can still shoot FMJ .22LR's -- if you can find them.
Add to that his Global Warming nonsense and you have a Hollywood nitwit with pretensions of politics at the core indistinguishable from a similar Democrat - and we're now in worse financial straits than the precipitous budget-situation that caused the Re-Call in the first damn place. And the One-Party that runs the state is busy with the notion of Universal Healthcare and Universal Pre-School, and Fantasy Objectives that are all going to be paid-for by more State Regulation (taxes) because that is the only thing in their playbook.

Anonymous said...

Roger that, dirtcrashr--

I was a federal prisoner there for twelve years. (Put my right hand up and swore to "preserve, protect and defend . . .")

The happiest day of my life was when I had Needles in my rear view mirror and the morning sun in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

As another ex-Californian, I too enjoyed the sight of the border receding in my rear-view mirror as I barrelled down I-40 headed eastwards towards Kingman AZ.

I held an FFL when last living in CA, but surrendered it under state/federal pressure (to add insult to injury, my BATF agent was an Amway dealer -- nice guy, but wanted me to join the Amway cult). This was in the early days of the "assault weapons" ban when they were trying to get us to register/surrender anything that looked black and ugly.

Every time I return to the state, I see how it has continued to deteriorate. The South is becoming a squalid third-world dung-heap. The North is a socialist nirvana -- home to an infinity of liberal nut-jobs.

Very sad to see what has happened to the state that gave political birth to Ronald Reragan.