Monday, February 11, 2008

Random 'net finds of the morning:

1) Brilliant (if salty) commentary on the joys of intarw3bz fora.

2) The Critical Bookworm discovers the geekier-than-thou world of... *shudder* fanfic, and properly recoils in horror. (If you ever see me reading fanfic, it's safe to just start shooting, as I've been replaced by an alien pod person.)


Canthros said...

Just FWIW, the first link contains a hotlinked and uncredited Penny Arcade strip.

Rabbit said...


An old friend of long acquaintance and past romantic entanglement decided she'd get in touch with her 'butch' side, I was told, somewhile back. An indirect result of that is that she's started writing slash fiction of a X-Files genre. The four sentences I was able to completely read were on the scale of 'super-creepy'.

I guess I should have seen it coming when she married her girl-husband just before the girl-husband went to prison for embezzlement.


mdmnm said...

Not all fanfic is created equal. This:
will forever change your view of the Lord of the Rings movies. Best if read in order.

knight_308 said...

I was jonesing for a Jericho fix the other day and looked for some fanfic... I knew it would be bad, quality-wise, but what the hey...

I started reading one and had to stop when Jake and Rob started kissing. All I could say was, "WTF?!" That was some nasty stuff.

BryanP said...

I've read one or two pieces of fanfic that were pretty good. Granted, most of it is dreck, but then so is most published fiction.

I can also point you to at least one MMPB published by a major publishing house that is just so ... how to describe? Somehow this lady managed to get her Mary Sue Star Trek fanfic published as a real novel.

But yeah, I usually only read fanfic that is sent to me by friends who do read that sort of thing. They kindly act as a filter.


J. Sullivan said...


Thanks for the plug.


red said...


I found it from a zombie board, I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due! Thanks for letting me know.