Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is the kind of wind I don't mind...

It's blowing at a good 20-30mph, but (as it so rarely does) out of the SSW. My little crow's nest of a reading nook is on the northern side of the house, so I can sit in a bubble of relatively still air and watch the trees whip back and forth overhead... It's pretty neat.


taylor said...

Yeah but did you check the forecase? its supposed to be nasty tonight...heavy rain changing over to snow

Anonymous said...

Wind coming from the SSW?

Isn't that the diriction the tornado's travel in?


Anonymous said...

"direction" not "diriction"

And it seems that I can't spell when the wind is blowing, either.

Anonymous said...

You've violated the first rule of VFTP Command! You said the wind was blowing SSW.

Any time you put together the letters "SW" they must have an ampersand between them, like this:

"The wind is blowing SS&W right now..."

--The VFTP Grammarian

Rob K said...

As long as there's a trailer park within a mile or two, she perfectly safe from tornadoes.