Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cruel and unusual.

I'm getting a few Google hits on "Indiana alcohol on election day" for some reason. I am given to understand, via my native Hoosier roomie, that alcohol sales here are a no-go until the polls close. The people who wrote this law probably never envisioned the nightmare scenario of having to choose between Clinton and Obama while blind, stinking sober.

I know that the Limbaugh brigade of GOP monkey-wrenchers out there are going to need to be half in the bag before pulling a lever for Hillary.


George Weinberg said...

Anyone without the sense to buy alcohol in advance deserves to be punished with enforced sobriety. It's harsh, but how else will they learn?

Ahab said...

I am so glad I had a semi-decent reason to avoid voting democrat in the primary.

I seriously don't think I could have punched the button for Hillsy.

og said...

"half in the bag before pulling a lever for Hillary"

I have LOTS of vicodin left over from knee surgery.

With Vicodin, you still feel the pain, you just don't give a damn.

Shit, I'm a Chemically Induced Democrat.

og said...

"Chemically Induced Democrat"

band name.

Jeff said...

Yep, Nothing on Sundays either IIRC.

From what I understand the law is a throwback to the good ol days when the candidates would take people out to bars and get them really smashed so they'd vote for them.

There are some weird liquor laws back there, I'm still getting used to the fact that I can go in and buy whatever I want 24-7 in NV.

Old Grouch said...

W.C. Fields: "My basement is loaded. As am I."

kbiel said...

blind, stinking sober
Blind is usually a metaphor for being drunk, as in ZZ Top's "Arrested for Driving While Blind".

og said...

"Blind is usually a metaphor for being drunk"

Or, your condition upon encountering the Hildebeest in all her fang-haired glory.

Or was that "turned to stone"? maybe that's the only way she could get Bill to....

Nevermind. THis cannot go in any good direction.

Regolith said...

Jeff: I had the exact opposite experience. I moved from Nevada to Oregon, and it was a bit weird to not see hard liquor next to the cash register.

The one weird thing about Nevada's liquor laws is that there is a proof limit that can be sold to the general public. I think it's around 160 or so. The only reason I know about this is that at some point my dad, who is a wildlife biologist, needed 180 proof or higher alcohol to preserve a specimen so that it could be sent to Utah for DNA testing (it was thought to be a new species), and he couldn't get anything pure enough locally to do it right. My sister ended up having to bring some Ever Clear from Corvallis.

staghounds said...

Lord Nelson's corpse was shipped back from Trafalgar in a barrel of rum. They had to put sentries on the barrel and inspect often to prevent sampling by the crew.

Then some enterpreneur bought the remnants and sold bottles them as souvenirs! Occasionally they show up in the sales.

Also, Bonaparte sent some General back in a barrel of rum to be buried in a tomb of Generals he planned, but never started. Everybody forgot what was in the barrel, and like 20 years later it collapsed, spilling rum and general all over the place, to the surprise of the staff next morning!

HTRN said...

Heeheehee.. "Operation Chaos" seems to be working.

I look forward to the back alley knife fight that the DNC convention is going to be.

And Indiana has nothing on Pennsylvania for insane liquor laws - for one thing, the only place to buy liquor is in state run liquor stores, which until recently weren't open on Sundays. You want beer? You've got to find a "six to go" retailer, if you want cases or kegs, you go to a distributor(who ONLY sells cases or kegs)..