Monday, October 27, 2008

Arab-to-American translation:

"Aggression by US helicopters against civilian building in Boukamal leads to the martyrdom of 8 citizens."


A tango playing "ollie-ollie-oxenfree" across the Syrian border is now "It". Permanently. And no taps back.


José Giganté said...

I like how the arab press gets all indignant when a US team raids a building in another country and yet when a homicide bomber from Syria or Iran kills 50 church goers, mums the word (if they don't outright praise them).

Anonymous said...

Whats even funnier is watching CNN or MSNBC and seeing comparisons to Vietnam and excursions into Cambodia.

Icing on the cake was a talking head on CNN saying how this was likely to "create an escalation in the Middle East" and involve Syria in the Iraq theater.

Syria may get bunched up over it but they are not a military power in the ME. All raghead and no camel.


Tam said...

Heh. I'm stealing that:

"All keffiyah and no camel."

TBeck said...

It gets even better. Apparently Mr. AQS (Al Quaeda in Syria) was taken ALIVE.

No doubt he is on his way to some special accomodations as we speak. Enjoy the hospitality, buddy.

Ed Foster said...

If ObamaRamaDingDong gets elected, any bet on how long it takes Israel to go for the jugular anent Iran/Syria/Hezbollah? I suspect it will be while Bush is still in office.
I was working with IWI and the Isreali army not long ago on the TAVOR rifle project (Made on John Downey Drive in beautiful New Britain CT 06051, your US aid dollars at work).
To say there was a sense of urgency would be humorous understatement. We actually had our own inhouse General at least one week in four.
There were certain deadlines in production that absolutely had to be met, and were. The penalties built into the contract were huge. Suprise! the requisite number of weapons were produced (six figures) and in time for retraining and reequiping all front line Israeli troops.
Not that the pros want the sorry little POS, but that's another story.
So, if boy Barry takes the oath in the middle of a massive war, what then? Anmy ideas?

TBeck said...

Biden has already suggested a 25% cut in the military budget. Now, Obama has been unwilling to even consider a spending freeze for every other part of the .gov budget, but the military is gonna get scalped.

It's a replay of the early Clinton years: Gut the military and intelligence communities, freeze infrastructure spending, then brag about how you "balanced the budget."

Anonymous said...

Tam; That was great. -- Lyle