Monday, October 13, 2008

I love to ride my bicycle!

I think I'll celebrate European Oppressor Day by going for a bicycle ride, and then cleaning guns. Perhaps I can find peaceful autochthones along the Monon to whom I can swap beads and trinkets for land deeds.


staghounds said...

And give them your exotic diseases, against which these simple trusting folk, respecting the earth and living in harmony with the earth and each other, have no defenses.

Not even their organic diet.

Earl said...

No holiday here - the State employees get Friday after Thanksgiving instead - which is really a great idea of the same type - exploitation of indigenous populations by illegal aliens with the correct attitude towards sharing.

Wolfwood said...

Bicycle! Bicycle!

mts said...

We gave them smallpox, they gave us tobacco. The Romans introduced the mosquito to Europe. The Chinese have been sending influenzas westward for a while.

We're all bastards at heart, regardless of nationality.

TBeck said...

Don't forget, the Black Death came from Asia as well.

Kim Stanley Robinsom wrote a fascinating novel titled THE YEARS OF RICE AND SALT. It posits that the "ice people" were wiped out by the plagues, leaving the Caliphate and the Middle Kingdom to hash out the next thousand years. An interesting perspective, where Caucausians are the equivalent of a hothouse flower, to be selectively bred in order to keep the phenotype intact.