Sunday, October 19, 2008

The correct answer was...

Poor Rep. Bachmann, all flustered so easily. Here's what she should have said:
MR. MATTHEWS: Sarah Palin was around today talking about pro- American parts of America, and assuming there's other non-parts of the country. What parts of America would you say are anti-American? What parts of this country?

TAMARA: Well, the chair your fat ass is parked in, for starters, Chris.


Ed Foster said...

If I want to travel from France to Monte Carlo, I walk across the street. No fences or border patrol.
Why not something like that for, in clockwise fashion, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Baltimore (We get to keep Fort McHenry), and New Orleans.
We guarantee their security, in exchange for their grandfathering the civil rights of all American citizens resident there at the time of political seperation.
To keep people from playing both sides against the middle, American citizens resident in the proscribed areas would not be able to vote.
Advantage to the big coastal weenie areas would be a 28% increase in income (until the local politicians decided to confiscate it for the financing of various political Disneylands).
Also, they would get to make self rightious snideries about the simplistic, cruel, sister marrying American boobs.
Primary advantages to us would be the loss of most of our long term welfare and violent crime, politicians more likely to embrace some form of fiscal maturity, and a military that would be unencumbered by defacto collaborators in charge of their finances.
Secondary benefits would be the ability to shut out most of the Hollywood crap. I'm far too libertarian (small l) to encourage censorship, but the very real sense of enmity that would spring up between the displaced Libs and the more mainstream Americans would make it easier to discern fact from fiction.
Start with San Francisco, filled with people who would jump at the chance of secession. Establish that as a precedent and I bet the other domino blocks would fall quickly.
It really is nothing more than the political realization of what has happened in actuality.
We are two seperate peoples, one individualist and romantic in our politics, one statist and collectivist.
If the Czechs and Slovaks could do it for reasons dramatically less tangible than the gapeing chasm between the American left and right, and pull it off peacefully, why can't we?
The big coastal cities (Hey Chicago, you POS, you have the St. Lawrence Seaway) are filled with people who either can't assimilate or won't. They moved from old socialist oligarchies to new ones, and want to eat our cake while banking their own. We don't need them.
I'd also like to see the Ports of Los Angeles and San Francisco five years after the U.S. military and major American manufacturing companies began shifting most of their Pacific traffic through the Pacific fleet's home port of San Diego.
And what a coincidence the new border would be just north of Camp Pendleton :-)

boomvark said...

I love it. But could it be done without amending the Constitution?

Not that either side of the current political oligarchy is especially infatuated with the Constitution anyway.

DirtCrashr said...

My part of America, the Bay Area south of San Francisco is infected with the plague.

James said...

My part of America, the Bay Area south of San Francisco is infected with the plague.

Try living in Chicago. I am surrounded by people in public and at work that make Chris Mathews look like Sarah Palin.

I moved here because the job paid really well. Totally not worth it. I have to move if Obama is elected. The smugness is barely tolerable the way it is.

Ed Foster said...

Boomvark: a simple constitutional amendment, ratified by a majority of the states. We'ed need a Republican majority in both houses, but that would be easy enough after 2 or 4 years of Obama.
Assuming we didn't fall into civil war, a real possibility if Obama gets his 500 billion dollar a year Hitler Jugend.
Picture two million ghetto bangers in black berets and jump boots, loyal only to the man who established them.
Anyway, we would also need a majority in governor's mansions around the country, so the Republican Party had better get it's act straight.
It might happen with a President Palin. Her husband used to belong to the Alaskan Independence Party.

DirtCrashr said...

I've been to Chicago (once), it's like San Francisco without the bay, and colder winters. They share the smug.