Friday, October 17, 2008

Overheard: " matter what we're doing."

So, at the end of the commercial for that weird little Bose clock/radio/CD thingummy is this enraptured couple extolling the virtues of the little audio device that has brought so much happiness into their otherwise drab existence:

She: "Whenever it comes on, we just start dancing..."

He: " matter what we're doing."

"No matter what we're doing"?!? This has led to a new long-running gag at Roseholme Cottage, based on speculation as to just what they might have to stop to get down with the Bose:

"...we just leap out of the cottage cheese bath and tango in the living room."

"...we drop the sheep and start to rhumba."

"...we throw down the chainsaws, she lets go of my leash, and we do the hustle."

"...we pay the clown, send him home, and waltz through the topiaries, without even wiping off the whipped cream first."


Anonymous said...

The clown sounds a little kinky

J.R.Shirley said...

Mmm. Whipped cream.

God, I miss you. :-(

Er, that's easily misconstrued, but you know what I mean.

The Raving Prophet said...

I laugh when I see those Bose commercials anyway. If you've ever directly compares Bose to anything competent, you realize why why depend on such marketing. Note that they only use endorsements from people who know bugger-all about audio (like a newspaper) or folks who do know audio only compare it to TV speakers (which themselves are a vortex of suck).

Fiftycal said...

OK, time for pictures. Especially the one with the cottage cheese. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese.

Somerled said...

Sir or Ma'am, you won't be dancing if the battery pack in the "power chair or scooter from the Scooter Store" is at low ebb.

The mobility experts at the Scooter Store are standing by to send you a new lithium-ion battery pack at little or no cost to you.

If we prequalify you for Medicare reimbursement and Medicare denies your claim, you'll get it absolutely free.

Roberta X said...

"Kinky" is is they're both wearing round red noses. Involving an entire clown counts as perverse. Even worse if it's alive. Umm, I mean, you know, like not a clown doll or something. Yeah.

Matt G said...

"L.O.L." is an over-used bit of NetSpeak.

I literally was crowing out loud with "Hee-hee-hee." :)

doubletrouble said...

Sounds like some kinky thinkatude goin' on down there at Roseholme Cottage.

Gewehr98 said...

An accurate, impromptu and succinct audio review:

No highs, no lows - it must be Bose.

HTRN said...

"Even worse if it's alive"

So, dead clowns are somehow less kinky?

You need help, Roberta. :)