Friday, October 24, 2008

Sucker's bet...


I've added my two cents in his comments section. ;)


Anonymous said...

Tuesday? What am I missi....

Oh, right. Duh.

KurtP said...

Yep, Tam nailed it in one.
Thanks for the Tam-o-launch.

TBeck said...

Watch out for that "marshal law". Wyatt Earp doesn't play around when it comes to civil unrest.

Tom The Impaler said...

Don't think I'm betting against him on that.

Hey, why'd you change the comments bar? I used to hit the "Livejournal" button ad type in my name but no longer.

Ed Foster said...

Favorite Wizard of Id. The King and Sir Rodney are standing on top of the tower. In the distance you see flames and smoke, above which rise the words "Riot, Riot, Riot".
Sir Rodney turns to the King and says "How come they never riot in the winter?".
To which his majesty replys "Because the T.V. cameras freeze up in winter". It all depends on the weather, except maybe in L.A., and who cares about L.A.?
Son number two lives in Silver Lake, surrounded by Mexicans who would kick the crap out of any Watts types who came that far north, and he's wicked nasty with that SIG.
What bothers me is what happens among the people who don't riot, to whit, us, if boy Barry wins by less than 3 or 4 million votes.
2 million to 2.5 million registered illegals, plus another 1.5 million dead people and multiple registrations by the ACORN types, should give the "O" people an insurmountable advantage this year.
If His Saintliness wins by 1 or 2 million, it's a stolen election, for all the world to see.
Financed in large part by (at least) tens of millions of dollars of illegal foriegn money from various Soros cronies and unnamed Wahabi Arabs from Saudi Arabia. Google Maureen Dowd's article from last July, in the New York Times of all places.
It is, I think, the last step in the Us vs. Them equation, essentially a divorce. And what will become of my country?

staghounds said...

I'm so sick of this riot talk, it's annoying me. So I offered a bet. (Even though I know he's fooling, I might get lucky.)