Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bizarro search of the day.

May you find what you are seeking, Manuel.
(Damn. "Irony Pantyhose" would be an
awesome name for a blog. Or a band.)


Mikee said...

Using my Manglish to English translator, I input "irony pantyhose blog" and got out "chainmail leggings blog" the first time, and "unwrinkled sheer chaps blog" the second time. There will not be a third attempt.

As the sign on a Tokyo bar once read, "Keep hose in trunks, stair oceans watch peoples fall too fast no laugher." I was told by a more sober companion, native to Tokyo, that the sign meant not to pee in the stairwell....

Test word is coexative. I think that is a coworker who thinks he's your boss but works as a laxative.

TJP said...

I didn't know Sarah Palin had a blog.

global village idiot said...

Mikee, I like the sign better without the context. In its literal form, it's a sort of wacky haiku; properly translated, it's just icky.

Your test word is actually defined as "conducive to a mutually agreed-upon breakup," as in, "We got along great, but he has this man-crush on Obama and I'm a Palin gal, which we agreed was totally coexative."

MY word verification is "uncesso," the first person conjugation of "uncessar," an Argentine colloquialism of Spanish origin meaning roughly, "to remove an object dropped in a sewer grate upon regretting having done so."

An example would be "Nuestro dinero son inutil! Pero quiero comer-entonces, mis pesos uncesso." Or, "Our money is worthless, but I like to eat, so I pulled my pesos out of the sewer grate after regretting dropping it in there."


Somerled said...

You get all the wild ones, Tam. Maybe the ironic pantyhose searcher should find the neck hanging asphyxiation movies free person from Wednesday.

John B said...

Could we get some pictures in the Irony Pantyhose?