Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A roundhouse kick to the antis' junk.

Chuck Norris kicks gun grabbers in the face:


pajamaverse.com said...

Silly Tam, anti-gunner's don't have junk! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fear the Norris

Nathan Brindle said...

Love the sign on the porch.

I need me one of those.

Weer'd Beard said...

Also shows that even a trained Black belt (And pushing 70! Damn does he look good!) prefers to use the best tools to defend his life.

So much for the "I don't need a gun, I have a baseball bat under my bed" argument!

Lame-R said...

Chuck Norris uses guns instead of kicks so that he won't have an unfair advantage.

Chuck Norris wins IPSC matches using a muzzleloading pistol.

Chuck Norris doesn't need to aim, he just stares at where he wants the bullets to go.

Chuck Norris dual-wields elephant guns for fun.

Chuck Norris can string Ulysses' bow with one hand.

All kidding aside, the guy's been a role model for me ever since I was a kid. And the more I find out about him, the more I like him.

pdb said...

Chuck Norris can clear a type 3 malfunction with one finger, but has never had to, since AR-15s know better than to jam around him.

Chuck Norris has a holster, belt and mag pouch set made out of the tanned hides of Democrats.

Chuck Norris gets excellent customer service and a discount from H&K.

Chuck Norris once corrected Jeff Cooper's grammar.

Tam said...


Saladman said...

Chuck Norris gets excellent customer service and a discount from H&K.

Best Chuck Norris fact EVER!

mts said...

Chicago's Richard Cranium, er, Richard Daley said on the news today (regarding an Englewood neighborhood family's deaths this past weekend), "We already banned smoking; it's about time we banned guns." Chicago needs Chuck Norris.

And now Daley's protege is close to winning the presidency.

p.s.: word verification: soory

Close to what I'd like to tell both of them Wednesday.

alath said...

"And now Daley's protege is close to winning the presidency."

But he's not anti-gun. He respects the Second Amendment rights of all citizens, along with the right of the government to restrict them whenever it seems convenient.

You go around implying he's against gun owner rights, and The Annointed One will slap a restraining order on you.

"Chuck Norris gets excellent customer service and a discount from H&K."


mts said...

Oh, while I was out, I remembered Daley also said that once guns were banned, people are supposed to report to the police irresponsible neighbors who might have guns. I have to find a link to that audio I heard on WLS.

Remember, Good German, tell the Stasi what you know about who your neighbor has over for dinner ...

Also remember, when the DDR fell, the East Germans' "storming the Bastille" moment was storming the Stasi headquarters and trashing the files.

og said...

Wait- gun grabber's junk is on their face?

... That explains a few things.