Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chores for today:

1) Mow the lawn so that ninjas, pirates, or killer space robots approaching the house will at least have to go prone, rather than being able to walk upright in the tallgrass prairie.

2) Organize reloading supplies.

3) Find all my ammunition and sort it. There are still a couple of big boxes chock full of ammo left unexcavated from the move, including all my ferschlugginer .32ACP, without which I can't fire my Colt 1903.

4) Contemplate removing the layer of road cack from the Zed Three.


crankylitprof said...

Funny -- I had to do twelve loads of wash because I was convinced that ninjas, pirates or killer space robots were using it for camouflage.

Of course, it could have been a zombie hiding in there, given the smell...

Joseph said...

Zombies, Tam, you forgot about Zombies. Now, when the undead hordes approach Roseholm, you will have an unobstructed sight line!

Ahab said...

Hey, I have a box of .32 ACP for which I no longer have a blaster.

It's yours next blogmeet.