Friday, October 10, 2008

Movie Day at Roseholme...

Went with Roomie yesterday afternoon to see the matinee showing of An American Carol down at Circle Centre.

Not too bombastic, surprisingly funny, and worth the price of admission for the unexpected zombie scene alone.

(The reviews gathered here are priceless:
Parents need to know that this independent comedy from one of the directors of Airplane! is designed to articulate politically conservative ideas...
Yeah. Bundle the little tykes off to see something wholesome, like Saw XLVII, instead. This is me, rolling my eyes.)


global village idiot said...

This spring, after traipsing my daughter to the Indy 1500, I took her to the Monument and to Circle Center. I figured, I did my shopping, now she can do hers (She got a cute slate and staghorn knife at the 1500).

She went into one of those bed and bath places--you know the one. I felt like I was on a reverse version of the brig of the Starship Enterprise; as soon as I crossed the invisible line where the corridor ends and the store begins, I was struck dead in my tracks by the smell of the place. I couldn't go any further - it was an invisible forcefield that keeps men out.

So there's my 10-year old daughter frolicking around in Smell-O-Rama with me on the outside. She said, "Dad! Come on in!" I replied, "rk!" The clerk saw my predicament, smiled and said, "Happens all the time, sir; we'll keep an eye on her."

So is the movie appropriate for a 10-year old girl?


Jenny said...

It has a couple booby jokes, but nothing terrible I can think of.

I was actually pleasantly surprised - I've never been a great fan of Zucker's brand of humor. Some of the recurring gags did get old, the trope got a little worn towards the end - but it was just plain fun nonetheless.

The choice for Marley was genius. Great speechifying there.