Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the Texican, whoa-oh, radio!

Last night's Gun Nuts: TNG was awesome. The chat room had, like, eleventy-seven people in it; even Lawdog showed up. And, speaking of Texas, call-ins included HollyB and JPG. See what you missed? Oh, wait: You can download it and pretend like you were there when your friends ask you about it around the water cooler at work today!


Turk Turon said...

It was an outstanding show. Roseholme Cottage was fully-staffed for the chat - I wanted it to go on for another hour.

Jay G said...

So, Tam, how come you didn't call in?

(Asks the creepy guy from MA who calls in so often the host recognizes his number...) ;)

Gwyneth said...
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Gwyneth said...

aw crap I accidently deleted my comment (keyboard flailing is hazerdous):

That's the problem with living where I live, I have to choose between NCIS and listening to them. I um erm ahem generally choose the first and listen to the latter on wednesday with my breakfast mocha capachino and donut *grin*