Friday, October 10, 2008

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #49: Happiness... a filthy gun.


tom-the-impaler said...

Get thee to an ultrasonic bath filled with solvent!

Sorry if this multi posts but I'm having problems here it seems.

Somerled said...

It's good to see carbon-smudged classic S&Ws. I have never been one to let such art sit unused in a box.

The brass usually cleans up in the tumbler when I'm cleaning the revolvers. I'm just as happy pulling a lever on the press. One fuels the other. And either lifts my spirits.

Gregg said...

Heh, yeah I have to agree. Of course I just returned from braving the range full of hunters out for their annual sighting in of the rifle.

I really don't care how often someone chooses to shoot, but I wish they would pay attention to the range rules.

Regardless, my brand spankin new SIG 556 ran like a dream. Now it's off to clean it and then time to find a way to outfit it correctly.

(The factory BUIS are horrid, the factory holosight washes out in the AZ sun and the factory handguards look cool, but add too much wait to an already nose heavy rifle.

Oh, cool looking smiths.

Jay G said...

I'm gonna take a stab (and most likely embarass myself):

34, 696, 15?

Tam said...

34, 64, 17.

tom-the-impaler said...

I finally got out to try my new Taurus Thunderbolt in 45 colt. Mild report, fun plinker stupid long barrel (Powder probably burns in 6" acceleration ends at 14" barrel length 26"). Taurus needs to make one in 16" rate it for +P and call it the "Brush hunter". Still great fun to shoot, smooth and reliable.

Matt G said...

Dang it, Tam! Don't let anyone find out how much fun (and shockingly accurate) those 2" 22/32 kits guns can be! You'll drive up the price on a largely undiscovered jewel.

Anonymous said...

A lot of your pictures deserve to be on Wikipedia.

TJP said...

Did someone suggest cleaning them before photographing? Why? 'Tis a thing of beauty!

Tam, you have read my mind. I'm collecting range snapshots in a folder titled "Dirty-guns-are-the-best-guns". I'm sick of these retouched pictures of shiny guns with no wear. That's not telling the truth, like when an ad agency brushes brown paint on a Big Mac to make it look like real meat.

I'm glad I do not suffer from immaculitis.

SAWBONES said...

Nice guns and fun shooting, yeah, but now you have to clean 'em.
Three of 'em at once.
I HATE cleaning revolvers. Especially Smiths and Colts.
(Rugers are at least easier to disassemble without risking screw head damage.)

Too many nooks and crannies to do a truly thorough job easily and within anything like a reasonable time frame.

I love revolvers but I hate to clean 'em.

BTW, having owned and used ultrasonic cleaning equipment, I find it both deficient in cleaning ability for getting all portions of non-disassembled guns adequately clean (not to mention that it's also impossible to drain and adequately rinse away the cleaning fluid) and also sometimes injurious to guns (night sights, certain finishes).
I've gone back to doing it all by hand with brushes, patches and solvent.

Cleaning after shooting used to be a Zen-like experience twenty years ago. Now it's just a chore, hence my preference for shooting semiautos, one or two at a time at most, more often than revolvers, even though revolvers are actually more innately appealing than most semiautos (1911s excepted).