Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Obamessiah is in town today...

...and the DHL truck with my shipment of anti-politician monkeys that I was going to turn loose on the streets in a chittering horde is nowhere in sight, blast it all!

In other news, my roomie forgot to duck in the laundry bunker this morning because she had an armful of squirming, adventurous house cat (who is positively fascinated by the Forbidden Basement), and brained herself pretty good on a low-hanging duct. Hopefully she can get close enough to Barry to touch the hem of his garment, which should clear up that bump on her noggin tout de suite.


Somerled said...

If he is the true Messiah, Roberta's faith will heal her. She has only to overcome her unbelief.

"Change we can believe in." Yep, absolutely right. One must have the faith of a child in order to enter Barry's orbit.

Hopefully Roberta didn't mess up her neck. The head bump disappeared a lot faster than the neck pain the last time I tried to run my head through something solid here.

Breda said...

Oooh! Tell RX not to wash! I'll be there Sunday and have a bit of sinusitis! She can do a laying on of hands.

shortbus said...

Don't let her go, he will use his magic powers to mesmerize her and turn her into a fanatical Obamanite.

Somerled, are you sure you didn't type 'faith' when you meant to type 'mind'?

Roberta X said...

What is this "washing" of which you speak? ;P

...My maternal instincts are strong; even while being felled by hardware protruding dangerously from ductwork, I neither dropped nor squeezed the "baby," er, cat. (Yow, did that hurt, though, and still hasn't scabbed well).

Neck, no damage that I can tell -- it was more of a slash than a bump.