Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big bore thunder...

TD gets ready to break out the big guns with some Eurometric chamberings. Makes me want a double in 9.3x74R really, really badly. Until then, my T/C Encore in .405 Winchester will have to do...


theirritablearchitect said...

The case of that 9.3 is about the size of a decent cigar! It's pretty popular in Germany with the pig hunters, puts 'em down quickly.

Truly stepping into African chamberings there, and I'm with you on lusting after a double in it too. I've had a crush on the Valmet 412 for a long time. It's a little different than your usual SxS-type, is comparatively inexpensive, and is still a quality rig as well.

Assrot said...

My dad has a friend from Great Britain (I fail to see anything great about it but that's beside the point) that has an old custom made double rifle chambered for .700 Nitro Express.

I give my left nut to own a rifle like that. I did have the pleasure of shooting it once. Two rounds out of that is definitely "The pause that refreshes." I was black and blue from my neck to the bottom of my ribcage on my left side for 2 months after I shot it.

The old boy charged me $50 per round to fire it and told me if I dropped it he would beat me to death with it. I gave him his $100 and his rifle back in one piece. It was a beauty.

My poor old dad fired one round out of it and dislocated his shoulder.

I'll stick to my Remington 700 chambered in .458 Lott. If I had a double like the one above, I'd be afraid to take it anywhere.

I do love a gun that packs a good punch. I can go 20 rounds with the .458 Lott with no problem. I'm not so sure I'd get that far with the .700 Nitro but I'd love to try.

Molon Labe,