Saturday, October 25, 2008

"How was the gun show, Tam?"

Two words: "Colt" and "1902".

Fear me.

More later.


alan said...

Aw... Why did you have to tease it?

Owen said...

i bought one of the cool M-16 bolt t-shirts, and a parker-Hale .30 cal jag.


(verification "deeres"

Brigid said...

I have this damn cold/flu bug for four days now, but I'm better, and I want to hear ALL about it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, just left the gun store with lots of ammunition, two of the new Ruger .380 LCPs, an order in for a break-top .45LC [for cowboy silhouette], and an order in for an FNH PS90. Ruger gave us two hats, FNH just one, and Panther Arms really thinks I should have bought a
.308. Sorry we missed the gun show... OldeForce

aepilot_jim said...

I'll say it...

This Post Is Nothing Without Pics!

Anonymous said...

A local store has one of those Chinese .45ACP Broomhandles for sale. They take American Express; and I am weak.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

You bought a gun???? Want pics!

Kristopher said...


were you able to get one of the early military ones, with the cross-hatch grip serrations on the front of the slide, or the civie version, with the usual rear slide grip serrations?

Anonymous said...

I was severely tempted by an XD45 for $439, but I'm holding off until the XD-M 45 comes out. Ended up with a new pocket knife and some Varget.

Sam said...

Nice. I saw a 1902 Colt for the first time at our local gunshow this weekend. Made in 1903, and in VG condition, they wanted $3,000 for it.

I bought two forged AR lowers instead, for a tenth of that price.

WV: bersess

Joseph said...

I fear you, Tam.

I fear that your knowledge and mad verbal skillz that enable you to continue to make such purchases.

'Cause it will mean there are fewer out there for the rest of us!!!

Did buy some ammo from Cheaper than Dirt though. And a Gerber Paralock.

Edgar said...

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Kristopher said...

I would've e-mailed you but I couldn't find an address.

Your effing spam robot couldn't parse her address, you mean.