Saturday, October 18, 2008

Was it Genius or Insanity...

...that was supposed to let you hold two conflicting ideas in your head at the same time and believe them both to be true?

Anyway, when the Washington Post came out with their endorsement in the Presidential Derby yesterday, they claimed to have a big problem with their old pal, McCain:
And we find no way to square his professed passion for America's national security with his choice of a running mate who, no matter what her other strengths, is not prepared to be commander in chief.
So they instead threw their endorsement to The chOsen One, Mr. "Present", the two-year freshman Senator from Chicago. Big shock, there.

That makes sense to someone, I guess. Everybody knows that being the C-in-C of the Obama campaign, with its legions of phone volunteers, is more practical experience than being C-in-C of the AKNG, which only has soldiers and airmen.


docjim505 said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

The slam against Palin is just more gratuitous mudslinging from the MSM. The WaPo was going to endorse the democrat (spit) no matter what; this just gave them another chance to stick a barb in Palin.

Now, if they can explain why The Annointed One IS qualified to be CinC while she is not, THAT would be interesting reading!

Carteach0 said...

Yes... Obama's claim to executive management experience is in 'running his campaign', which is outspending McCain three to one in cash and is still only a few points ahead in the polls, despite having the leg tingling blessing of the major media.

That's some management skill there!
Gots to get me some of that!

Actually, I suppose it is one heck of a claim, if we look at it the right way. He's managed to take a silver plated plated turd of a record and make it vanish from the public view during the most visible campaign there ever was.

Then again, he has a few hundred magicians assistants in charge of the lights and cameras.

BobG said...

"Then again, he has a few hundred magicians assistants in charge of the lights and cameras."

Not to mention majority of the media giving him all the free help he could ask for.

Ratus said...

bobg, you rode right past the funny.

magicians assistants = majority of the media

Old Grouch said...

"Obama's claim to executive management experience is in 'running his campaign'..."

And the mystery is: Given Bush's ratings, the financial mess, and the MSM's "15 point" influence, this election should have been a slam dunk for the Democrats. So why isn't O. 25 points ahead?

DirtCrashr said...

I don't know why Obama won't talk about his major executive and managerial experience, and passion, that he received while at the Joyce Foundation, when he was ginning-up all that fake con-Law and academic stuffing about the 2nd Amendment's collective right - experience learned to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on fabricating research.