Friday, October 03, 2008

Hey, I know her!

You'll be able to watch me make an arse of myself as I show off my total lack of skill on Downrange TV.


curtislowe said...

Very cool! More good press for shooting and for bloggers. And just think, all this came to be because of AlGore inventing teh intarw3bz!

Assrot said...

Damn, I already missed the first show of the series. I wish you'd have posted this earlier. I'd have setup the DVR to record it.

Guess I'll catch the other 5 shows and hope they do a rerun of the first.

You're really too modest Tam. You should have shouted this from the damn roof tops a month ago.

It does my old heart good to see you got on this show. Good luck.


Douglas Hester said...

It's darn near impossible to find on that site.