Thursday, October 16, 2008

That was easy. Next question?

Greg at West, By God wants to upgrade his totin' iron. He wants something that will share a caliber with Beth's sidearm and that she will find easy to operate.

Well, if she's carrying a Glock, then nothing would be easier for her to use than an identical Glock. Plus they could share magazines.

No agonizing decision required: Get a 9mm Glock just like hers.

There, wasn't that easy? :)

On a tangentially-related note, I've never understood situations where the "His'n'Hers" home defense shotguns are a 12ga Mossenberger 500 and a 20ga 870 Youth Model. Either she should train to the 12 gauge, or, if that's physically impossible, he should realize that it won't hurt his manhood to use a 20ga Remington. Same thing with folks who are all prepared for the Zombocalypse with a manly .308 M1A for him and a dainty little AR for her. Either one or the other would be fine, but it's awfully impractical to use both.


Weer'd Beard said...

You care to tell me how BOTH my wife and I can shoot at zombies with just one rifle between us?


Actully for snubbies I carry a 642, and the wife packs a 638, just so we don't get eachothers guns mixed up.

Yes it makes a I can't explain why....

Anonymous said...

I encouraged my wife (5'4" 118) to choose her own pistol and she chose a S&W airweight .38 because she didn't like my 1911 clone. The SKS is to heavy for her so is the Mosin and the 12ga. So when the funds become available it will be M1 carbine and 20 gauge.

West, By God said...

Tam, I was already kinda leaning that way. The funny thing is, our situation is the exact opposite. I own a .32 and a .380. She was actually leaning towards a Kimber in .45 until she decided she liked the Glock. Her favorite guns are the biggest loudest ones. I like mouse guns.

Does that mean I'm reverse-compensating? *lol*

Goldwater's Ghost said...

Well, we've got His'n'Hers SKSs for the Zombocalypse (with an AK on the side) plus two 5.56 ARs for the Barrackalypse...that OK?

Anonymous said...

On the third hand, assuming a scavenger culture in the future, having multiple ammo bases covered might be fairly smart. So that box of 20GA you mistakenly looted from the S-Mart might actually be useful instead of trade bait.

Jay G said...


And then there are those of us whose wives think guns are evil and icky...


(Jay's Sad Panda Face...)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this. My wife has her own AR15, her own Winchester 1300 Defender in 12ga, her own 9mm EMP (sweet little 1911, except that the plunger for the safety rusted and it took break free to disengage it a day after she noticed it was stiff), and her own .22lr.

Calibers exchange between us just fine, and she doesn't mind my Glock 19 if she wants higher capacity.
She can also swing either the 30SF or the 21.

And of coarse she can use any of the other AR15's if she needs to.

Armed Texan said...

My wife has a .22 and I keep a SA 1911A1 with me at all times. She trains with the 1911, but prefers the .22, of course. I can't even get her near a long gun, even a .22 though I've tried to explain the physics of it to her (even less recoil with the .22 rifle than with the .22 Buckmark). Eh, as long as she has something for defense and she's not afraid to grab the .45 if that is near to hand, I don't much care.

Tam said...


"On the third hand, assuming a scavenger culture in the future, having multiple ammo bases covered might be fairly smart."

From a vintage thread at TFL: "Reason To Own A Bunch Of Guns #8: Because if the balloon goes up and you run down to the gun shop and the last thing left on the shelf is a box of 6.5 Arisaka and you don't have anything to shoot it, well, aren't you going to feel pretty foolish?"

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

This is why I'm not married. I don't have to worry about his and hers.

"It's not that I avoid women, Mandrake, I just deny them my essence."

And it would really suck to have to perform Friendship's Final Duty on your life partner if/when he/she gets infected.

red said...

We try to stick to guns that both of us like. Makes stocking ammo easier too!

Anonymous said...

I think you're a little off base on this one, for once.

While there is value in having a standard type of firearm used by both partners in a couple, I don't think that trumps the *most* important concern.

The most important thing is that the shooter use the gun that works best for them. They also need to have confidence in their weapon and in their ability to use it.

My wife really likes the FN 5.7 Pistol. The only thing she likes better is the Ruger Mk II .22. Even though I'm not sold on the real world ballistics of the civvie 5.7 ammo, it is an upgrade from the .22.

Now, does that mean I should just shoot a 5.7 Pistol as well for commonality sake? I could, but I'd much prefer my CZ 75 which I've used in numerous training classes and have complete confidence with both the gun itself and the caliber.

As far as both of us shooting the CZ, my wife prefers the FN, and shouldn't be forced to shoot *somone else's* first choice.

West, By God said...

Plus, "Reason To Own A Bunch Of Guns #8" is a good argument for me to get something other than a 9mm.

I'm perfectly ok with stocking more types of ammunition... sure it gets pricey, but I already have at least a box of a few calibers for guns I don't even own.

I was just thinking that keeping things somewhat standardized would make it a little cheaper to buy in bulk. In the long run, I should really just start reloading so I can always have ammo for whatever guns I want to shoot.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Jay G,

I can dig it.


Weetabix said...

In a home defense situation, if you're both armed, would there be time to be exchanging ammo and guns?

Plus I like caliber diversity (calibersity?). It lets me own more guns.

Kevin said...

Now, now....

His and Her guns are as normal and natural as Her and His Underwear!

She doesn't wear my tightie whities and I don't wear her thong.
She Loves her tiger striped maple Mini-14 and I love my M1A.

Now on the Pistols we quibble over who deserves the compact 1911, and who has to make do with the full sized parkerized one.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And if i ever need a AR type that shoots .223, I'll find a lot of them lying around on the ground.

(thank you Sam Elliot)

NotClauswitz said...

But, but...we both wear boxers?
I really don't have a horse in this race or a europellet.

West, By God said...

I'm bringing Robb Allen with me, so I'll probably end up leaving with a Desert Eagle in .50AE, and a promise that he'll load me so "hot" rounds for it.

Anonymous said...

It's like reading an argument between Bert and Heather Gummer.

Anonymous said...

If she can't shoot a 12, download some shells for her. I'd rather do that than keep a 20 and a 12 in the same house. Now I've got a bit of 20 gauge ammo around here somewhere, but you can be damn sure that it's tucked away and properly labeled (you don't turn down free ammo, ever)

A 20 gauge shell you grab in the dark is just large enough to slip into the forcing cone on a 12 gauge and get stuck. Rack some 00 buck on top of that while in the dark, under stress, and in a hurry, and what happens?

fthmhl! (word verification)

West, By God said...

Standard Mischief: Wife only likes the 12ga, thankfully. In fact, in a home defense situation, that'll be the first thing she grabs.

We actually may be inheriting a 20ga in the near future, but it will not be an under-the-bed gun since it is an 80-year-old family heirloom. Don't get me wrong, we'll still shoot it, but only light target loads... which will be kept in a completely separate location from the 12ga 00.