Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm pretty sure that's not what she meant...

"Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory..." -Nancy Pelosi
Funny, but I did just that on Sunday afternoon, without even knowing that one of my Dear Leaders had directed me to do so.

My inventory showed that I was low on .44 Spl and .32 ACP. On the other hand, I noted that several of my 30-rd mags still had green followers, and so I replaced them with shiny new MagPul anti-tilt units.

I try and replace springs whenever I replace followers, whether the old spring needs replacing or not. If the old spring still measures out good, I throw it in my "Just In Case" box.

When it comes to magazines and ammunition, I've always believed in the old maxim "If some is good, then more is better, and too much is just enough."


Joel said...

But you didn't finish your assignment, Tam. You're supposed to take an inventory, and then turn them in.

Tam said...

She can molon labe. ;)

TJP said...

No kidding. I'd like to see her try. I'm a mauve-belt in Seth-fu.

JoeMerchant24 said...

"too much"

Syntax error... does not compute

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you've completed your audit of your supplies of United States of America Alternative Currency.

Assrot said...

I think Nancy mis-spoke. I am pretty sure she meant "Every aspect of your lives must be subjected to a suppository."


Ed Foster said...

Anonymous, I considered putting that in a book I'm writing. One .22rf hi-velocity hollowpoint equals one dollar.

We make six billion rounds of the stuff each year here in the U.S., and import almost another two billion. That should leave enough left over for money usage.

Thirty cents for a short, a buck twenty for a hyper-velocity wizzbang, and think about who gets to be the bankers:-) The people with the "money". Damn, time to go out and buy another brick or two.

Firehand said...

Well, I just got a new bullet mold so some of my inventory will improve shortly.

Which means I need more wheelweights.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous, I considered putting that in a book I'm writing. One .22rf hi-velocity hollowpoint equals one dollar."

Someone already did put that in a book--Jeff Cooper.

Took my inventory. I am missing an intermediate precision rifle. Thinking of SIG.

Shootin' Buddy

keith said...

"...and too much is just enough."

The only thing I ever heard on MTV that I agreed with is "Too much is never enough."

Other than that I agree with you completely. It's kinda cool when you have to wear steel toe boots in the armory for fear of dropping a 50 cal ammo can on your foot because they're stacked six high and all full.


Ed Foster said...

Shootin' Buddy: Howinhell did I miss something from the Colonel? I sit corrected.