Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stone cold stupid.

Bob S. brings us the charming tale of a young man in Florida who sought to gain, and I quote, "street cred" for his future career as a hip hop artist by committing armed robberies.
This is one of the popular myths that people want to attach to firearms. That every "gun owner" has the same culture, the same values, the same principles. We don't. The results are clear & easy to see - Some people commit crimes with their firearms and some people use their firearms for sporting and self defense purposes without breaking the law. Same types of firearms, just completely different cultures.
As an aside, I will note that our larval thug's weapon of choice was a BB pistol and his getaway vehicle was a scooter. "Street cred" indeed.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but at least he did not use a Darth Vader mask during the Robbery and have his name tattooed on his exposed arm.

Shootin' Buddy

DirtCrashr said...

There is a culture of people who are still bitterly clinging to their "Yo, Tupac!" Nines and Rapligion.

Might not be a lime-green Buick with whitewall wire-wheels, but a Scooter has some street-cred among the Urban hipouxsie - and Mods if not Rockers - oops, it was a moped, no cred there unless you're European.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

His street name will be "Vesparado"

TJP said...

More like MC Airsoft.

Jeff the Baptist said...

What did the guy do, research his crime spree by playing GTA Vice City?

Assrot said...

Believe me Tam, I've been saying the same thing for years. However, because I am a white, southern man, that makes me a racist in certain peoples' eyes.

Talking to these people about anything that is common sense makes about as much sense as talking to the crapper while you're leaving your morning loaf.

We must try and fight the good fight anyway.

Molon Labe,


Billll said...

And the street upon which he gets his cred is Sesame?

Mad Saint Jack said...

I think there should be a distinction between "lawful gun owners" and "felons in possession".

Tam said...

I think there should be a distinction between idiots and humans, but I'm all callous that way.

rickn8or said...

Street cred needs to be based on "Degree of Difficulty", much like fishermen compete to see who can land the biggest fish on the lightest line, rather than using a stick of ditching dynamite.

Using say a slingshot and making a getaway on a bicycle ought to bring more accolades than hosing down the place with a Thompson and leaving on a Ninja-cycle.

Of course, the former method uses up more aspiring rap artists.

Andrew said...

Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" covered this story, giving him the street name "Li'l Douchebag." I think that's a meme worth spreading.

Word verification: "palturse" -- Oh, my friend? Yeah, he doesn't say much.