Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brilliant new health care idea!

With everyone gathered around the cannibal pot for a nice bowl of Cash For Clunkers stew, Og figures that such a scheme should work well with health care, too. Heck, the concept transposes perfectly: Cash For Codgers!


theirritablearchitect said...

I must admit that I laughed at that one.

Then I realized that the Greens, and maybe others, have a similar notion about how long people 'oughta live.

I don't need another Baroness Warnock walking around, attempting to convince morons, who'll happily go to the voting booth, to tell me when my time is up.

og said...

high praise indeed- and thanks for the link and Tamalanche!

Billy Beck said...

I'm with Og, Tam. Thank you.

That might be the best statement of the implications of cannibal-pot ethics that I've ever posted. Spread it far & wide.

Anonymous said...

Already been done - the title of the movie was Soylant Green starring, of all people, Charlton Heston & Edward G Robinson