Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Attention faceless designer in Dearborn:

Putting a big chromed oval shroud on the exhaust tip of the Lincoln Landmass when you can see the actual rusty drinking straw of a tail pipe lurking only a half inch inside is dorky at best. At worst, it makes people think you may have issues.


Matt G said...

There's a whole SET of issues that surround exhausts from various motor cars, cycles, and pickups. Most of 'em seem to surround the need to inject one's self into the lives of others around them by way of auditory intrusion.

I would suppose that we shouldn't expect a similar situation visually.

AndytheAxe said...

"the whistles go woooo woooo" ~Bub Rub

TD said...

I'm writing these words from Dearborn. You're damn right people here have issues.

Sevesteen said...

In the late 70's/early 80's, you'd see dual exhaust split quite obviously after the single muffler.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they just come factory installed. I got one of them tips on my new Toyota and its not worth the effort to take it off.

I agree it looks dumb but its on there pretty good.

Ben said...

Whenever I hear or see someone say "at best [...], at worst [...]," immediately a number of even worse possible consequences come, unbidden, to mind.

Maybe that just points to some issues of my own.

T.Stahl said...

As a structural analyst working for an exhaust system developer and supplier I can give you two good advices:
1) Do not add an aftermarket chrome tailpipe.
2) Do not remove your factory-installed chrome tailpipe.

An exhaust system is a tuned dynamic system. Adding half a pound to the end of this system is like clamping pieces of lead to a guitar string.