Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Great Debate.

Fantastic (by which I mean intelligent and civil) discussion on Property Rights v. CCW going on here. Continued here. Jed makes his big post here.

Good stuff.


jed said...

Yowzah, it's a Tam-a-lanche!

Rob's getting the better of me so far. And I've got some e-mail to add in to followup. Lots of food for thought.

Thanks for the linkagery.

JT said...

Wow - what a great discussion. I wrote a letter to the editor last year saying how thorny the issue was in response to a story about the Texas version (which covered vehicles in parking lots only - SB 534 or HB 1037), but didn't ever really have a good answer.

I thought I had it sorta figured out in my own head, and then I've just changed my mind three times in the last hour while reading everything, and I'm officially useless to my employer for the rest of the day. Thanks a ton, TamJebRob!

On another note, I've still got goosebumps from submitting my application for a CCW earlier this morning. ;-D