Monday, May 05, 2008

Life under the political microscope.

This morning, three out of four commercials in one break were for... well... I'm not going to say their names, because those two pompous suckweasels have already turned my Google AdWords banner into a vapid wasteland of political crap even crappier than bogus antivirus crap and offshore Viagra crap.

Please please please make it stop!


Rabbit said...

Too late.

The ad when I bounced in is:

Meet Senator Harry Reid
With Jeff Greenfield Thu, May 8, 8pm
Why would I want to do something like that when I have something resembling a life?


Bryan said...

I recently heard someone compare their debates to a modern-day Lincoln-Douglas debate.


No, I'm not kidding.

Now if they were to try a modern-day Hamilton-Burr debate I'd pay attention.


Gregg said...

7 more looooong months. I think you need more beer.

Ben said...

Ah, yes. The NC Primary is tomorrow as well. And I approved this comment.