Thursday, May 08, 2008


The absolute coolest thing I have ever seen on the intarw3bz in all my born days:

"They're watching you, Neo."


og said...

A crummy commercial

og said...

Hey! Now you live in Indiana you could come visit the boyhood home of Jean Shepherd, even visit Warren G Harding School!

For a brief time I sat behind the same mike Jean did.

Literally, not figuratively. WJOB was a cheap station.

Burnt Toast said...

How do you do that? I wanna do that.


Kristopher said...

At last it was not a comment about novel ways to carry a smith.

Anonymous said...

Burnt toast:

It's easy. Just pass joe random string as a refer in an http transaction.

Which Tam can see from this missive that I didn't do that. Cuz I'm using predigested softwarz (Opera, cough)

ExistingThing said...

Install firefox's tamperdata and change the referrer when you browse to the page.