Friday, October 10, 2008

Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but--

-Gary, Indiana
Gary, Indiana
Gary, Indiana
Where the fix is in!


TBeck said...

Do you suppose there might be a RICO case hidden in here somewhere?

Things aren't looking good for Barry O when CNN feels it must take official notice of the activities of his former alma mater.

At least we're finally learning exactly what a community activist does for a living.

Sevesteen said...

It seems to me that they should accept these forms, but mark them fraudulant. When someone comes to vote based on a fraudulent registration, arrest them.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Is there any way that Obama can be disqualified from running because of all this?

Mark Alger said...

John Fund, author of Stealing Elections, on the Hannity show Thursday, discussing the notion that opinion polls are heavily weighted in favor of Democrats, and attributing motives, said something to the effect of, "The reason election reform is so partisan is that nobody wants to give an inch in a country that's so even divided."

And it occurred to me that, if the expert on the subject is so easily gulled, what hope have we for the ordinary voter?

No. The country isn't evenly weighted. The reason that Democrats feel they must lie, cheat, and steal to win elections is that their support, if truly known, is incredibly weak. Were the truth of their shallow voter base revealed, they would never win another election for dog catcher, and would cease to be a relevant force in American politics.

More's the pity, because that would leave the GOP unchecked for as long as it took another party to gen up sufficient support to become effective -- perhaps a generation.



Tam said...

RE: "An unchecked GOP"

Yeah, but which GOP? The GOP of Goldwater? The GOP of Dubya? The GOP of Giuliani?

BobG said...

"At least we're finally learning exactly what a community activist does for a living."

I thought a community activist and organizer meant someone like this guy.

John said...

Yeah, "leav[ing] the GOP unchecked" is probably a recipe for marginalising conservatives of all stripes in favor of rent-seeking establishment types. At best, the GOP becomes a centrist organization in that scenario.

Still, say what you like about Democratic corruption, but I doubt it's as prevalent as you assume, Mark.

Jenny said...

There's still a GOP? Last debate I saw looked to be between a (D) and an (S).

To the election rigging.... hooboy. No matter who wins, at this point it'll look like fraud.

Guh. This is what we get with universal suffrage I guess. Beautiful and idealistic in theory... pretty self destructive in practice it looks like.

Nathan Brindle said...

Voter fraud in East East Chicago?

Nothing new to see here, moving on.

mts said...

Finding corruption in Lake County (Indiana) is like finding water in the ocean.

The comforting thing about municipal corruption was that one could always move to the suburbs to get away from it, and for the most part, other organized crime. (Old saying, last one leaving Gary, please turn out the lights) If the ward heel wins the presidency, there's nowhere to run. We'll have Gary, D.C., and Detroit nationwide. Not the ethnic part, but the decay and blight part, i.e. banana republic where you have to bribe to get anything done, and everyone's on the take.

Let me reiterate, I'm not busting on the blacks - Argentina is for the most part a European country nationality-wise, except it's nowhere near European countries' advancement and prosperity due to the corrupt machine and military politics that have marred its history.

Anonymous said...

"Still, say what you like about Democratic corruption, but I doubt it's as prevalent as you assume, Mark."

Last time I looked ACORN was a *nation wide* organization. Care to estimate what the damage of a thousand or two votes in each state could do to a national election? Last I heard FL was won last go around by less than 1,000...


Charles Pergiel said...

Did you get catch the line in small red type on the CNN page:

Watch how dead people are turning up on voter registration forms »

Cool! Real live zombies! Only it wasn't. Bah.