Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sometimes guns blow up...

A bone-stock Remington 770 in .270Win, shooting factory Remington ammunition, managed to demolish the last foot or so of barrel. Apparently the young man firing it had purchased rifle and ammo together, taken it to the range without so much as cleaning it first, and on its second shot ever, the gun grenaded.

Bore obstruction? Nope, else it would have detonated on the first shot. Squib? Apparently not; by all accounts the first shot sounded and felt normal. Probably just a fluke bad gun. It happens. Remington should buy him a new one and send him a nice letter and some ammo, and they'll probably have a happy customer.

An interesting internet phenomenon is to be found in the comments at the YouTube video. Just like on the gun boards, note all the people who come out and froth "I has a Remminton770 in .300 ought 6 and I shot 30000 shots through it and aint nevr nothign happend your a lire!"

Relax, Sparky, the guy wasn't saying anything about your gun. I'm sure yours is the bestest gun in the world.


BryanP said...

If only I could actually do this.

Actually I'd like to do it for the entire internet, but Youtube would make a good start.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought - cut it off and make it a carbine, or did the barrel bulge too ?

Tam said...

From comments, I gather the bore was jugged pretty badly back near the throat, too...

Ritchie said...

There appears to be an oblong opening in the top peel, near the end. My guess would be a piece of faulty bar stock with voids,seams, or inclusions. But as always, the comments are a great source of learning [\snark].

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a .308 Winchester cartridge got loaded into the magazine, held to the bolt face by the extractor, and fired.

I have seen a .270 blown up from that. The .270 is a necked down.30-06. The .308 is a shortened .30-06
Sam W

Matt G said...



I learned a while back NEVER to read YouTube comments, even for irritainment.

HTRN said...

Like Tam said, this can happen to any gun - Sako had a coupla barrel bursts a few years ago, and They're one of best mass produced rifle makers around.