Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Protecting turf.

One of the key ingredients in a good global depression is a vigorous trade war.

(H/T to SurvivalBlog.)


Anonymous said...

No one ever went wrong going long on ammo, canned goods and material assets that were paid off.


Anonymous said...

The modus operandi of the present western world leaders seems to be, "If you can't do something rational, do something which might get you re-elected."

I dunno. Given the ongoing media spin to make economic disaster appear to be intelligent behavior, they just might pull it off.

Trade war? I just got back from an upriver run to Ojinaga, Mexico. Snoopiness when going across, as well as when coming back. US citizens gotta have a passport to come home. Mexicans coming over to shop? I dunno. Much, much less traffic at the bridge--which means much, much less business activity in Presidio, Texas, as well as in Ojinaga. Could easily mean store closings and increased unemployment.

You don't need another Smoot-Hawley to screw up international trade. Just increase the hassle and paperwork.

Probably gonna be about the same with Canada.

I'm still trying to figure out if I should truly feel safer...


DirtCrashr said...

Isn't "European Unemployment" a supply-side thing for them? And the numbers are jiggered in a cocktail shaker by drunk bureaucrats in Bruxxles.

Ed Foster said...

If you can trust any of the numbers out of Europe at all. The Brits are giving up to three warnings to apprehended burglars before any jail time, and warnings don't apply to the statistics.

Murder cases are pled down to lesser charges and the murder itself disappears from the books. What we see in British crime statistics are convictions, not crimes committed.

The more "warnings" tendered, the fewer convictions. The fewer the convictions, the lower the crime rate must be.

If they're willing to boo-jigger the figures for capital crimes, I suspect the numbers for unemployment, public debt, capital and job creation are at least as suspect. Let the place sink.