Monday, November 02, 2009

Make a note...

Can you believe some idiot left for a weekend out of town without making sure she'd have sodas in the fridge when she got back?

That's right, I strolled out the door and left an empty twelve pack of Vault Zero in the refrigerator to mock me upon my return.


John A said...

">... an empty twelve pack of Vault Zero in the refrigerator"

Uh, was it empty when you left or have Gremlins invaded? Amd if it was empty - do you mean the box that holds the cans, or do you actually put empties back in the `fridge?

Assrot said...

Yep. I did them same thing before I went to the range yesterday.

It's still 90 degrees in the shade down here and there was no wind at the range Sunday.

To say I was slightly pissed off when I got home is probably my understatement of the year.

On the bright side I did some fine shooting with one of my 1911-A1s, a MAS 38 and MAS 49/56. The two French guns surprised me with their accuracy. I think I'll keep them.

Of course the Springfield GI Milspec 1911-A1 was a no brainer. Anyone that can't cut the center out of a target at 25 yards with that just can't shoot.

I'm gonna have to have a talk with the wife about letting me run out of cold drinks. It's all her fault you know.



WV: awdly

Roberta X said...

Diet soda, I won't touch the stuff. I'd say "Coffee was good enough for John Moses Browning and it's good enough for me but unless he was sneaking shots of the stuff (which seems unlike him), the fact is that he didn't touch it: JMB was LDS.

...And just as your coffeepot would have been safe around JMB (PHUH), Tam's Vault Zero or whatever misbegotten concoction she's drinking is safe around me.