Friday, November 18, 2016

Still walking...

Day Eighteen:

Awful sleep last night. Slept from 10:05-1:30 and then again from 3:15-5:30. Despite alarm set to go off at six, I got out of bed at 0550 when I heard Bobbi rummaging around with the leaf bags in the back yard, the carrying to the curb of which I'd intended using for this morning's workout.
I hopped up, carried two bags from the front porch to the curb, got dressed, carried the remaining bags from the front porch to the curb and, not seeing Bobbi emerge from the back yard, started my laps.

Rounding the block on my first lap, I saw the bobbing light of Bobbi's headlamp arranging leaf bags on the curb. "Hey!" I called, still a couple houses down the darkened street.

Her headlamp turned toward me. "Hey! Yeah, you with the headlamp!"

The headlamp immediately scurried around the corner of the house toward the back yard. As I drew even with the house, I could see she'd locked the gate. I shrugged and finished my laps.

She'd done the sensible thing when hailed from out of the darkness by an unknown figure at 0615 on a city street.

Distance was 1.06mi in 20:24 at an average of 124bpm.

I was wearing the barefoot shoes this morning, which seriously shortens my stride. Also, I forgot my phone at home, so it measured my walk via pedometer rather than GPS.