Saturday, November 05, 2016

Shooting for fun...

Thursday morning was just recreational shooting. I had a G17 magazine full of HST that I'd been carrying around since that Citizens Defense Research class in Troy, Ohio that was ready to be cycled downrange, and so I grabbed it and a box of 9mm ball and headed to Indy Arms Company with two souped-up plastic gats.

On the left is the Sig Sauer P320C with a Boresight Solutions frame and a Gray Guns fire control unit in it. On the right, an early 1990s-vintage Robar Custom Glock 17 that's had an Overwatch Precision trigger added.

Both guns ran fine with the aluminum-hulled CCI Blazer (which didn't feel as weak as the most recent batch I had. Ejection was a lot more vigorous, at any rate.)

I've got the Dawson Sights for the  P320C in hand, but I'm awaiting a sight pusher tool that I want to try.