Wednesday, November 02, 2016


I am given to understand that a key in fighting depression, lethargy, and general malaise is to start your day when you wake up. In other words, exercise volition as the very first thing you do on becoming conscious in the morning.

This morning, Bobbi's bustling woke me at 0500 (the alarm clock doesn't go off 'til 6) and, the minute I realized that this was not just a transitory bit of wakefulness, I put my feet on the floor and started my day, rather than lying abed, waiting for the alarm to go off.

Yesterday morning I walked twice around the block first thing. It turned out to be about .7 miles, and so this morning I added a third lap, and that was 1.02 miles, or as close to a mile as makes no nevermind. So I think that's the new morning routine: Wake up and take three quick laps around the block before I do anything else. More exercise and less beer. I had my lack of physical conditioning demonstrated to me conclusively the weekend before last, and I need to fix that.